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Back to school? Back to business!

24 Sep 2019
Author: Phoebe

It’s that time of the year again. If you’ve got little (or perhaps not such little!) ones, you will have likely just forked out an arm and a leg on school uniforms, supplies and other essentials for the start of the new academic term. But have you considered that your business’ IT equipment may need some investment for the year ahead too?

Some of this season’s IT to-do’s

No one likes waiting for screens to load. Consider giving your business the edge by upgrading to hardware designed for the latest operating systems. Then reap the benefits as faster computers equal improved productivity across your team. They’ll thank you for it, trust us! And so will you, as more gets done.

Older operating systems and other software are also more at risk to hackers and viruses as security vulnerabilities are exposed. In the long term, taking a strategic approach to upgrading hardware and software will almost certainly save you time and help you manage budgets.

You’ll be less at risk of cyber attacks and can replace machines more at your discretion rather than having your hand forced by an irreparable breakdown or an operating system reaching the end of life.

So you’ve upgraded your hardware and software. Great! But what else could affect your computer speed? In this online and cloud age, it is your connectivity that might be holding you up.

You may be on a standard broadband package, or if you are large, growing or have heavy data usage, a dedicated ethernet connection might be more appropriate. And as your technology trailblazers, Nebula are on hand to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

Get connected with cost-effective and widely available broadband

Broadband is widely available throughout the UK. This is because it operates on the existing telephone infrastructure and can be accessed by almost every business. By choosing Nebula’s broadband service, we can guarantee you’ll get unlimited usage, a quick and simple installation process managed entirely by us and speeds that reflect your current infrastructure.

Because broadband uses a shared public network, there may be times when the volume of traffic slows the Internet down. This isn’t ideal when you and your team have work to do! If you need a robust and reliably fast connection, ethernet may be better suited to your business’s needs.

Get guaranteed high-speed Internet with ethernet

Unlike broadband, ethernet is designed specifically for the business market. It is guaranteed to be faster and more reliable as it doesn’t operate on the same shared network as broadband, meaning there is less traffic.

Nebula offers three ethernet service options to suit every business’s budget. End-to-end fibre ethernet gives you the fastest and most reliable service with speeds of up to 1Gbps. While EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) costs less and can be installed more quickly, with upload and download speeds of up to 35Mbps. Finally, FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) ethernet offers speeds of up to 20Mbps. It is the lowest cost and quickest to install.

If you need help deciding on the best ethernet service for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What about Wi-Fi?

So above, we have talked about how we get the Internet into your premises. But what about how you use Wi-Fi in your office? Nebula also offers a cloud-managed Wi-Fi service, meaning our dedicated support team will be available to solve your Wi-Fi problems remotely. This will give you peace of mind that any Wi-Fi-related issues can be quickly and efficiently resolved. Contact us today for more information.

Get online with a trusted Bristol-based IT company

Nebula can help you find the perfect Internet solution tailored specifically to your business. Find out more about different types of access by calling a member of our friendly team today.

Are you receiving great IT?

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