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Are you ready for a security breach?

14 May 2021
Author: Phoebe

Security is a word on everyone’s lips at the moment; Is my business secure? How can I improve business security?

And rightly so, cyber-security is a growing problem within UK businesses and is much more than preventing data breaches. Setting budgets for anti-virus software, training, firewalls and email protection, is a great idea, but what happens when those defences fail? Even the best defences can be compromised and breaches can happen at any point. No matter how strong your security is, breaches can happen to anyone, it is how you deal with it which will affect you the most, and you need a recovery plan!

Did you know? A report by IBM found that the average time to detect and contain a data breach is 280 days.

It is essential to act quickly in these circumstances and to respond appropriately, not only to the threat but to the data leak as well. The less time taken to act on your security breach, the less damaging the effects will be.

How can I spot breaches sooner?

The easy answer to this question is simply – to have the right provisions in place. No matter your business size, type, or location you must provide your business and staff with the right tools to protect everyone.

Provisions for remote working

Although lockdown restrictions are slowly easing, and there is an end in sight from the madness that 2019 brought, not everyone is rushing back to the office. WFH is here to stay for most, as many businesses have discovered the benefits this brings to their business.

With this in mind, you should understand the risks remote working brings to your business, and have the right provisions in place. Whether this is; rules that ensure users are working in the Cloud for more secure data storage, or packs that outline and specify how users should be going about their data procedures.

Provisions to keep up to date

Ensuring that all devices are kept up to date, and software is running on the latest versions is vital, and often something that goes unnoticed within businesses. However, by not running the latest updates you may be inviting cybercriminals to your door.

Many businesses are now creating policies to push updates to all staff members to ensure they are compliant, or simply reminding staff more regularly of the dangers this holds.

Having the right tools and provisions in place within your business, and people you trust with your processes will always work in your favour when it comes to business security, however, you should always be ready for the worst-case scenario as well! Preparing for the worst will give you the upper hand!

How can Nebula help?

If you are worried about any of what we have discussed then talk to us, we don’t bite!

We are here to help, whether you would like advice, solutions, or simply have a question about your existing structure. We offer tailored training to suit your business, from one to one training, online sessions or even our Univertual free training portal.

We can help you get the most from the Cloud, ensuring you are working safely and storing your data in the most secure way. Or even come and talk to us about our Frontier security solution, bespoke to your business needs and setup.

Just remember, we are all in this together, we are here to help you make the most of your business security!

Contact us today, or give us a call on 01454 534009

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