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An overview of Microsoft Teams and the benefits cloud collaboration brings to your business.

12 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

Microsoft Teams has played a big part in business communication over the last year. And especially now, as many businesses have adopted a hybrid working environment, we wanted to revisit Microsoft Teams and explore the many benefits it has readily available to all businesses.

As with many other Microsoft products, Teams is a multi-layered app, designed to encourage collaboration, communication and conversation, and it’s features and app integration allow the user to really get the most from this tool.


Microsoft Teams has taken a really adaptable approach to communication, from individual chats to group messaging, Teams allows you to effortlessly talk to your colleagues or customers without the need for endless email chains.


This has never been easier with apps such as OneNote and Office integrated into Teams, this means that presenting PowerPoints, or opening Word documents has been made even simpler with no need to switch between apps. What’s more, you can also integrate your mainline telephone into Teams and work between multiple locations with ease.

Meeting Management

In many circumstances we are not able to all meet face to face still, but with Microsoft Teams you are able to add another dynamic to meetings via recording tools, live meeting notes, to-dos and agendas. The breakout room feature also allows for more focused time.


Collaboration has been made even easier within Teams, meaning it is even easier to work together on a document inside of the app. Once shared, Teams will work in real-time to update the document allowing everyone to see the same version of the document, without the need to resend.

With all of this in mind, Microsoft Teams has never been easier to use, and with the improvements and updates the team at Microsoft bring us monthly, it can only get better.

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