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Nebula IT – Getting started with Teams – COVID-19 Plan

15 Mar 2020
Author: Phoebe

With the current uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the potential requirement for people to work remotely for the first time. We have put a how-to guide together to help on getting started with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. 

Because small and large businesses alike may not have remote working as part of their contingency planning we believe the benefits of Teams have to be highlighted.

If you have a Microsoft or Office 365 subscription it includes the Microsoft Teams feature allowing you to take full advantage and dive right in. If you don’t just yet, Microsoft is offering an extended 6-month free trial (announced March 2020).

At Nebula, we run short and sharp training events that cover the core features of what Teams have to offer. Due to recent events, many people are having to dive right in so we have created a quick guide and resource pool for you and your team to get started instead.

Where can I find Teams?

Teams is available to download on different devices to help connect you to your team where ever you may be.

Desktop version
Android and iOS app version

We highly recommend running the Desktop version on your day to day device and also the mobile version on your handheld devices. All the flavours are laid out the same, look the same and for the most part. They also behave the same. So once you get to grip with one version you’ll be good to go!

What are my Teams login details?

Usually, your login details are the same as your main Office 365 login details that you would use to log in to your email. If you are unsure of your details and Nebula maintains your cloud environment you can drop us an email or call and we can help.

How do I get started with Teams?

If you want to learn a little more about how to use Teams a great place to start is with the Microsoft Teams Demo site. It has great explanations of the layout of the software, where to find features and importantly how to get started.

But we don’t use Sharepoint and OneDrive!

Although one of the huge benefits of Teams is having everything centralised it’s not essential. Your team can get started with the core features such as chat and video calling.

Useful links and getting more help with Teams

If your business needs assistance getting started with Teams you can reach out to our team here at Nebula on 01454 534009. You can also drop us an email via our Contact Page.

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