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5 Impacts of bad IT on your business & how to solve them

12 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

Sometimes, turning it off and on again simply doesn’t cut it. 

We’ve all experienced poor IT from time to time, and a bad IT day can be a real detriment to our productivity.

In fact, research shows that UK workers waste an average 2.4 hours a week as a result of temperamental tech, that’s 9.6 hours a month, and 115.2 hours a year! Multiply that by your number of employees, and you’re looking at an egregious waste of resources.

So, it stands to reason that ensuring that everything’s running smoothly should be a top priority for any organisation. But what actually happens if a business has bad IT?

We’ve compiled the 5 biggest negative impacts that poor IT can have on a business, and how best you can combat this in today’s blog.

1. Wasting time

As mentioned, your employees, on average, will spend a lot of time faffing around trying to get their tech working. 

This can range from resetting the router or trying to get a mouse to connect, to trying to figure out a full-scale network meltdown (not great fun, trust us!). 

While many of these tasks might be small, and seem insignificant, over the course of a year the time spent turning things off and on can really pile up, causing time wastage to be a real issue for many organisations.

2. Damaged morale

If you’re working somewhere where the IT systems are constantly malfunctioning, you’re not going to be best pleased.

At best, it points to a lack of IT education on your part, at worst, it might suggest to your employees that you don’t care about them. 

Working with rubbish IT is incredibly frustrating, and it often leads on to…

3. Lost employees

After a while, enough will, inevitably, be enough, and your people will start to move on to greener pastures.

On a day-to-day basis, the annoyance might seem minor, but as with everything, over time this manifests in people finding elsewhere to work.

4. Cyber attack

One of the most pressing modern concerns for many organisations, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent, and aren’t to be taken lightly.

Software that is old or out of date isn’t just annoying, it can potentially be devastating.

Hackers will take advantage of any vulnerability that they can get their hands on. If you’re not regularly maintaining and updating your IT systems, then you could find yourself the victim of costly cybercrime.

5. Financial harm

The financial impacts of bad IT shouldn’t be understated. 

  • Cyber attacks are incredibly costly (both for your wallet and for your reputation).
  • Reduced productivity will usually impact your bottom line.
  • Outdated IT systems reflect poorly on your organisation, and will often put off certain potential customers.
  • Consistently hiring new people to replace those who leave will pile up the bills.

Remember: IT is a cornerstone of most modern businesses – we simply can’t live without it. Not looking after your IT systems is like a farmer not looking after his tractors; not the best idea!

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