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5 clear signs your current IT provider is not delivering value

12 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

The decision to shift some or all in-house IT operations to an IT partner, particularly in an age of cyberattacks, pandemics and evolving business models, is an essential step toward ensuring long term IT and enterprise success.

As much as anything else, being supported by an IT partner promises to ensure that your organisation can focus on achieving its goals and objectives, and not be undermined by tech issues.

A survey suggests that the vast majority of UK SMEs are using some form of IT managed service. But how many are getting good value for their investment?

It’s a question that many firms might struggle to answer. Although cost reduction might be the biggest motive behind firms opting for managed services, any relationship with a partner should not be purely driven by upfront perceived cost savings.

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Are you receiving great IT?

A great IT provider will help accelerate your business growth, maximise opportunities and understand your company ethos. If you feel you're not getting maximum value from your IT provider, it could be time to switch.